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Tea Chinese culture

Chinese culture
History of tea in China has more than 4000 years. The Chinese have a habit of serving tea to guests. The habit of drinking tea in China was a historic moment. Legend has it that before the year 208 BC, scientists began to serve tea to guests. By the Tang (618-907 AD), the habit of drinking tea is not very popular among people. The habit associated with Buddhism. Around 713 to 741 AD, Buddhist monks and Minun tea, sitting bersamadi so excited and awake. 

In 780 AD, tea expert of the Tang Dynasty, Lu Yu summed up the experience of the plant, making, brewing and drinking tea, and wrote a book about tea. Now every holiday like New Year, or Spring Festival, a number of government agencies often conduct tea. In China, tea has formed a unique cultural phenomenon. Society has made tea and tea tasting as art.

The habit of drinking tea in different places, because each region has a habit of drinking tea is not level, the one type of tea. For example, Beijing likes to drink tea or fragrant jasmine tea, the people of Shanghai love the green tea and residents in Fujian Province, southeast China prefer to drink black tea.

Procedure for tea in many places in China, is also different. For example, in Beijing, when the owner has a cup of tea, the guests have to stand up and take with both hands, while thanked. In the provinces of Guangdong and Guangxi, southern China, as the host, with tea, guests immediately phoned the table three times with his right hand to express thanks. Habit effort table, he said that the emperor or increase the age when traveling with the cover or incognito when they drank tea together, subordinate to replace low bow to the Emperor knock on the table to express gratitude.
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