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Dance Available In Aceh, Indonesia

Dance Available In Aceh, Indonesia
From various cultures that exist in Aceh, dance is one of the very popular culture of this region are able to represent eksisteni art in the archipelago, not only that, the art of dance from Aceh often performed in various regions overseas. Cultural arts owned this into packets which are very interesting because they show khasannya to separate, processing process requires the ability aesthetics and long-term outlook in accordance with the ideal foundation of society and not meyimpang of personality traits Aceh Islamic society and not save from the spirit of Islam and this is evident in a variety of dances, both Sedati saman, debus, Ranup Lampuan and other traditional dances. The dance is one of the most valuable cultural owned by Aceh. following some cultural dances as Aceh.

Saman dance was invented and developed by an Islamic leader named Sheikh Saman, he creates his poem using the Arabic language and the language of Aceh with accompaniment -gerakan hand movements and chanted poetry makes seuasana perk, patting motions chest, pat on the knee, lifting hands alternately with movement and speed matching becomes cherry trademark.

Dance Laweut
Laweut derived from the word Seulawet, praise the Prophet Muhammad's dance courtesy of eight women who called also Seudati procession. Dance is in use to convey messages in religious education and development.

Tarek Pukat Dance
This dance is a dance based on the life of Aceh coastal fishing nets that make "trawl" and catch fish with nets on the high seas. Interesting atmosphere trawl in the hope that many fish expressed in the spirit of hard work da chirpy are occasionally heard screams happy handler sea.

Dance Cangklak
Dance memgemalisasikan beautiful women graceful, energetic and a little flirtatious with a variety of accessories that are used in the surrounding graceful curves, as well as complementary fashion that is always used and indetik with women such as parasols, fans, handkerchiefs, a fusion of movement and dance are sold in Aceh with typical Malay dances from the eastern region of Aceh.

Rapai Daboh
Rapai Daboh is an arcade game or immunity. Daboh Rapai game consists of a sheikh who styled "Caliph", some drummers tambourine (Rapai), and some players rencong or other sharp weapons, at which time they were beating the tambourine hit rapainya singing certain songs kept stabbing-stabbing member with that great-great body, sometimes rencongnya be bent, which in turn is under the leadership / supervision caliph. What body because they do not eat guns, this is according to them, because of a belief that the ruling is only the Creator (God) while being equally powerful; finished iron and human beings were beings. At the time Rapai drummers were tambourines that great-great, then the players rencong focused all his thoughts on the above beliefs, the least should not be swayed, and if rocking arms must be eating their bodies.

Dance Seudati
Seudati sound is a combination of art and dance. Seudati art is a type of art that were created after standing Aceh Islamic community that serves as a propaganda and entertainment. Seudati also named Saman derived from the Arabic word that means eight. Called warrant for the players consisted of eight people, namely Sheikh and his aides dressed in uniform, ie black or white trousers pants, long-sleeved white T-shirt, at the head of the dancers wear tangkulok.

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