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Types of Japanese Culture

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Traditional Japanese clothing
Japan called traditional clothing kimono, many people do not know that japanese clothes kimono. Kimono previously used in daily activities, but this time only used Komono khusu events. Kimono can be used by men or women kimono men are lighter and dominated in the design, the colors and motifs usually by their dark green, dark brown, dark blue or black, as a rule, during the kimono for women known views show your age by marital status and the level part of the official events. In addition, kimono woman also has a number of optional accessories is enough.

Tea Ceremony
Tea ceremony, known as a child or Sado. It is a ceremony that reflects the personality and knowledge of the owner, including, among others, the purpose of life, thought, religion, evaluation of the tea ceremony of the equipment and how art in the tea room (chashitsu) in September

Ikebana flower arranging art Adalan, that comes from Japan. Flowers have the honor of Japanese culture because Bungan considered the abode of God, the Creator. Flowers arranged in a certain way and placed on the main altar. Firstly, the production of flowers is very simple, but this time the interest for more difficult and complex and requires skills training in the making.

Kite art has been around since the time of the Nara period (649-793 BC) were. Design Dragon, this land is unique and very easy to distinguish from the dragon from other countries or regions. This toy is dangerous, because the sensor cable and stop the flow of electric wires can be deadly for the offender and others. Dragons only for a special event or a cultural festival that they would not like to find there.

Kendo and Judo
Kendo bamboo sword sport played and Jud0 is the name of the Japanese martial arts. These words are contained in the two endings of words below, have the same meaning, that is the way, and when it was written with the kanji symbol path. Used in Kendo Equipment Kendo Gi and Hakama called uniform, bamboo sword Sinai, hats and people or armor, gloves or kote, hip protection or Tara known.

Matsuri is a popular festival of culture, which is usually associated with the festival in the temple Shinto shrines as (Jinja) and Buddhist temples (Tera) diselenggaran especially in the summer, does not mean at this point necessarily Matsuri pray or worship, it is, of course, because most people come to see them.

Shogi, or Japanese chess Japanese board game for two people on board 9 columns and 9 rows of the same color play. Segui feature as they differ chess Reserve, opposite the hero plays out. Although promoted in Cought back to its original location. Both sides play is divided into sitting and Gote. Players feel that the first step, and then Goth player, etc. do not turn until terminated. Set Shogi pieces, totaling 20 units.

Kabuki Japanese culture, including the type of theatrical art, because. Elements of the story, which, combined with the art of dance and music players were very luxurious and sumptuous costumes. Makeup her pretty dramatic, character and highlight the character.

Origami comes from the word meaning folding yell, and we are on paper the traditional art of paper folding, which evolved into a modern art form. Origami is already in many countries in Japan, with special paper for origami, generally known to make use of a simple origami paper, but most of origami. The difference between an ordinary paper and origami only in terms of design and color are so diverse that origami is beautiful and, of course, does not apply to methods, such as paper folding helps.

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