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Definition Of Culture

Definition Of Culture

There are hundreds and millions of cultures in this world, trying to include in different cultures in the world of different continents. Culture is a generation that has been developed by a group of people and extends from generation to generation. Culture is a very complex component. Religion, politics, customs, language, tools, clothing, buildings and artistic creations. Language, as well as culture, is an essential part of the human soul, and many are genetically erected. By trying to communicate with culturally different people, demonstrating that they are learning their culture, preparing their differences. Culture is a complete way of life. Culture is complex, abstract and expanding. Many aspects of culture are determined to communicate. These sociocultural characteristics are widespread and include many human activities.

Some of the underlying causes of the difficulty in communicating with other people when communicating with people in cultural interpretations is: a culture is a combination of a pole polarized by an attitude of natural potential. Various cultures, such as the "wild personalism" in America, the "natural harmony with nature" and the "collective fulfillment" of China. Such an inevitable cultural image gives its members an appropriate guide to behaviors. Their sense and rational value can be achieved by respecting and respecting their lives so that the world can reach its humble members. Therefore, it is a culture that provides a mutual framework for organizing the activities and behavior of others. Culture is closely tied to society.

Definition of Culture According to Experts

  1. Melville J. Herskovits and Bronislaw Malinowski argue that the culture of society determines everything in society. Cultural determination for that point of view.
  2. Herscotz views culture as something other than a descendant of another generation in another generation. According to Andreas Epink, the general meaning of culture, social values, social standards, science and social, religious and other structures is in place, in addition to the characteristics of society, in addition to any intellectual and artistic.
  3. According to Edward Burnett Tyler, culture is a complex combination of knowledge, belief, art, morality, law, customs and other skills acquired by a person in society.
  4. According to Soemardjan and Soelyiman Soemardi, culture is a way of creating work, taste and society.

Different definitions can affect the level of knowledge that culture can acquire, and the culture of everyday life is a summary and a way of including ideas or ideas in the human mind. The art of culture is a body created by objects and behaviors, language, equipment, life, social organization, religion, art and objects designed as objects of a species. All this is to help the lives of people in society.
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