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Cultural Anthropology Definition

Cultural anthropology helps us understand the habits and behaviors of different used by different communities. In the UK, previously known as social anthropology, cultural anthropology data. This involves research involving the structural, social, cultural, religious, political and other factors. Anthropology surface is very wide Any changes that occur in society is reflected in language, customs and behavior. All these changes together create an image of society, especially the so-called culture of the community. Many interesting facts and concepts to be learned in cultural anthropology.

Review of Cultural Anthropology

Cultural anthropology is the branch of anthropology that studies changes in human culture. Cultural anthropologists to learn the facts about the impact of political, economic, cultural and other factors specific to local regions. Or professionals who work in this area is known as a cultural anthropologist. Cultural reality is usually given via various methods such as surveys, interviews, observations, and more.

Anthropology, history, culture

Cultural anthropology research began in the 19th century that he began as a reaction epidemiology branch cultural anthropology began to develop through the efforts of Edward Taylor and other scientists. JG Frazen Taylor and Edwards using materials gathered trader, explorer and missionary reference purposes.

The works of Edward Tylor,.
Edward Taylor, a British anthropologist in the 19th century, he described the culture of the human mind and behavior that occur in society in 1872, the British Association science began to prepare a list of the cultural sector. Edward Taylor to help the committee in its work. The results of this project is the implementation of 76 cultural topics, but still random.

The basic concept of cultural anthropology
Cultural anthropology research carried out by different scholars differ. However, there are some standard or basic concept remains the same. For example, the main component of cultural anthropology is that people think about making and production. The entire concept revolves around the basic concepts and theories of cultural anthropology. This concept has been used as a guide to learn the culture of the society in particular. World conference on human mind and body is the main component of culture. The differences in the properties of the culture of a society that shows that culture can learn together to adapt and integrate into a symbol.

The value of agriculture
Research on the development of agriculture has been helpful in understanding the patterns of cultural anthropology. Educational and cultural life of the community, tourism and agriculture have shown much difference in the two cultures. Agricultural society to live a nomadic community stability compared to their culture. berubah.Orang Owned land (agrarian) residents are safer. nomaden.Masyarakat Other troupes earlier to find food and more fight to get it.
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