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Culture Clash Influenced Culture

Clash of cultures influenced cultureGlobalization affects almost every aspect of society, including cultural aspects. Culture person or hug you value held by the perception of citizens on various topics (values) can be defined as. Both values ​​and / psychiatric, psychological, or issues related to the perception of what takes place in your head. The behavior of people psychologically affected the minds of those affected by violence what it will be important to accept. One of the ideas and inventions of one art, as a cultural subsystem.

Globalization disseminate a long values ​​worldwide phenomenon and a particular culture (always a cultural or philosophical world heritage site), respectively. world (Lucian W. Pye, 1966) travel to different places of the Western European researchers returned the messenger to spread the culture of this world.

However, it occurs early in the development of 20 intensive development of communication technology, cultural globalization day. As the principal means of international communication, contact with the media instead of body contact. These changes to the faster development of cultural globalization which facilitates communication between nations.

Increasing development of international cultural exchange cultural feature of globalization.
  1. A person outside of their own culture to other cultures that principle multikebudaya (multiculturalism), and dissemination easy access.
  2. Tourism and tourism development.
  3. Increasing the number of immigrants from another country.
  4. Clothing, developing films and other similar global fashion.
  5. To increase the number of global events such as the World Cup.
  6. Free competition in the economic field
  7. The development of mass media through cultural interaction between countries increases

Culture Medium and culture is an example of a cultural gap between Western culture punk is an example of a growing crop worldwide. (Sometimes equated with Western civilization or European civilization) refers to the origins of European culture of Western culture. the term "Western culture" are often social norms, values, ethics, morality, religion, political systems, some cultural heritage and archaeological used to refer to technology. In particular, be sent to the concept of Western culture:
In terms of art, philosophy, literature and legal issues and social Greco-Roman traditions and migration and Celtic, Germanic, Roman, Slavic and other cultural influences of the cultural heritage of the period of ethnic groups, but the classical and Renaissance cultural influence of political thought , the general rational arguments, freedom, human rights, equality and supported irrationality and Hellenistic philosophy, including democratic values ​​against theocracy, scholastic philosophy, humanism, scientific revolution and the Enlightenment, has developed a tradition of rationalism in various fields of lifetime.

During the post-classical spiritual thinking, customs and traditions of moral ethics or cultural influence in the Christian Bible.
Art, music, folklore, oral tradition as Western European cultural influences and ethical issues are developed in the Romantic period.

With the classic definition of the Western world in general depends on the concept of Western culture. This definition distinguishes literature from other civilizations of Western culture, science, politics and art is the principle and the amount of philosophy. Tradition and cool most of the information we collect is generally in the Western canon. This term, which history has been strongly linked with countries like the US and Australia by Europeans like immigration or settlement of the affected countries and is not limited by immigrants from Western Europe. The original elements of the Central Western European culture contributed.

Some trends of modern Western society, others, as well as globalization and mass migration result of political pluralism, the various sub-cultures and counter (as the New Age movement) is considered the definition of a significant and growing cultural syncretism presence.
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