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Cultural Kroncong And Waljinah Indonesia

Inspiration Culture, kroncong and this part makes us proud Simultaneously Waljinah warag Indonesia shame. Ways need to be proud of her so there is a persistent that Indonesia preserve civilization worldwide. dankita should be ashamed if we as citizens of Indonesia are not able to preserve our culture and modern culture eroded by the fact Hedon and Ambur Adul Yang westernized westernized No Clear.

Waljinah is sustainable Kroncong figure to the entire part of the world, he has been very often Brings Traditional Songs of Java's original surf ake Negar other countries. for He kroncong shall continue to be preserved and kroncong According to the current regeneration is a powerful way of maintaining keroncong remain the property of the Indonesian nation. "The way it had to be done. I'll let no substitute Waljinah. So let appear Waljinah that much,". Fundamental question is the dignity of the younger generation likes to Kroncong Today?

It is indeed painful To judge by this time young children Even more Love With KPOP, POP West, rock n roll and many others and consider the fact that Kroncong Not cool. Waljinah continue to instill love for Young People Struggling Indonesian Indonesian Culture Into Its so beautiful and Diverse

"Music kroncong must be preserved. Although many young people are getting interested. If not conserved it will become extinct. Later claimed again at Malaysia. We are confused myself," he explained.
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