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Organizational Culture

Was built in the daily life of people, which is inseparable from cultural ties. Cultural ties created by people related to family, organization, business or nation. Use a fulfilling job and work culture of each other in different people. See a unified community's cultural ties to the consistency of the behavior of members or the Act creates. Time went on, as culture should be formed within the organization and also the effectiveness of the organization as a whole can be perceived usefulness in contributing.

Organizational culture organization is different from other organizations, that means a system of shares held by members. This share means that the system is retained by the organization, which is a set of key characteristics.

Definition of Organizational Culture :
  1. According to Wood, Wallace, Zeffane, Schermerhorn, Hunt, Osborn (2001: 391), organizational culture is a system that believed and values developed by the organization where it leads the behavior of members of the organization itself.
  2. According to Tosi, Rizzo, Carroll was quoted as saying by Munandar (2001: 263), organizational culture is the ways of thinking, feeling and reacting based on certain patterns that exist within the existing organization or on the parts of the organization.
  3. According to Robbins (1996: 289), organizational culture is a common perception held by members of the organization.
  4. According to Schein (1992: 12), organizational culture is a basic pattern that is accepted by the organization to act and solve problems, form the employee is able to adapt to the environment and to unite the members of the organization. For it to be taught to new members, including members as the correct way to assess, think and feel the problems encountered.
  5. According Cushway and Lodge (GE: 2000), organizational culture is the value system of the organization and will affect the way work is done and how employees behave. 
It can be concluded that the definition of the organizational cultureThis study is the value system of the organization held by members of the organization, which then affects the way to work and behave of the members of the organization.
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