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Cultural awareness

Cultural awareness the ability to look after themselves and cultural values, is aware of the cultural customs entry. As well as to judge whether or not it may normal and acceptable culture different culture unusual or be unacceptable. Therefore it is necessary to understand himself and his beliefs and practices of different cultures and realized that it was able to honor. (Vacc et al, 2003).

Wunderle (2006) stated that the values ​​and culture of human behavior, an ability to reduce the impact of culture (cultural awareness) of understanding the concept recognized. A case has implications for the understanding of the cultural awareness of the need for cultural, consider important elements. A basic level, giving information about the meaning of a cultural understanding of humanity, to know about the culture. The principle function of understanding providing cultural awareness of the progressive understanding of the culture, in addition to an understanding of the sites to gather information about the culture and get mentranformasikannya.

Ability to communicate (listen to the end, interaction), the ability to process (lobbying, negotiation, mediation, facilitation), the ability to maintain: Pantry (2005 Sturges) in four deals with the situation in a social prejudices, misconceptions and capabilities of preventing disability, and identifies the information (research, writing, multimedia), be aware that information on how to access the information, and the ability to use information. This is the fourth cultural understanding capabilities in the face of a multi-cultural society and make an important role.

Fowers & Davidov (Thompkins et al, 2006) have learned one of the cultural exploration activity that the value of ownership, bias and limited perspective on the process of becoming aware of the limitations of the support and self-understanding of the cultural background of sendiri. Terbentuknya is something that just happens in relation to the individual. But such awareness, and through a variety of things and the spiritual consciousness (awareness) will be set up to handle.

Based on the above, it is also about the importance of values ​​(values ​​espoused) the person affected and interpret cultural awareness is an important factor in human life. And the role of culture in the country in order to communicate the most important factors of the development of the cultural values ​​of the culture (cultural awareness) understand is important to have a concept.
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